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New Lights in Scott Park

Patchway Town Council have invested in public safety with the installation of new lights at Scott Park. Working with South Gloucestershire Council’s Streetcare Team, the lights have been installed along the footpath from the Pavilion to the Access Gate at Windermere Road. 

This will be the first phase of this project as the Town Council look to increase the security in the coming years with more lighting planned for Scott Park.

Scott Park is a thriving hub of activity which is home to 3 football pitches, a cricket pitch and a skate park.  Soon, the park will be home to a brand new 3G pitch and state of the art Cricket Nets, all of which will be available for the residents of Patchway and Charlton Hayes.

Press Release Friday 26th June 2020

Patchway Town Council would like to inform residents that there is a strong indication that Travellers are looking to return to the area over the weekend.

Patchway Town Council are in constant communication with the local PCSO’s, who have increased patrols in the area on 26th June 2020.  We have made the Traveller Unit at South Gloucestershire Council aware of this situation and we would urge any residents who see any criminal or illegal behaviour to report it to Avon and Somerset Police by dialling 101 unless it is an emergency.

We have ensured all the open spaces which are owned by Patchway Town Council are secure and locked in anticipation of events that may unfold this weekend.

We would like to thank all our residents for their cooperation on this matter.

Tuesday 23rd June 2020


Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Patchway Town Council “strongly condemns” the illegal encampment of Gorse Covert by travellers and urges them to “remove their children from the park with immediate effect”.

On 22nd of June 2020 at around 10pm, Patchway Town Council was made aware by local residents that four caravans had gained access to the Gorse Covert Playing Field Site in Patchway.

As of midday on 23rd June 2020, Patchway Town Council can confirm there are eight caravans as well as some large vehicles dispersed throughout the playing field.

Patchway Town Council have contacted the police as well as the Traveller Unit at South Gloucestershire Council. A local PC attended the site this morning.

Although the land is owned by South Gloucestershire Council, Patchway Town Council has responsibility for the playing equipment which has already been closed off due to the COVID-19 restrictions brought in by the Government. However, the children of the travellers have gained entry into the play area and are using it.

Patchway Town Council strongly condemns this and would encourage the families to remove their children from the park with immediate effect.

Mayor of Patchway, Councillor Sam Scott has made a statement on the unauthorised encampment.

Cllr Scott said:

“Patchway Town Council are aware of the unauthorised encampment on Gorse Covert Playing Field. Our officers along with our Councillors are working hard to get this resolved on behalf of the residents in the immediate area. The police have visited the site but we are awaiting the traveller unit from South Gloucestershire Council to visit the site. We sympathise with the residents and we can assure them that we are working to get this resolved in a timely manner. We would like to thank all residents for their support on this matter.”

Deputy Mayor of Patchway, Councillor Roger Loveridge has also added to this statement on the unauthorised encampment.

Cllr Loveridge added:

“It is causing a lot of unrest to the residents of Patchway because they are unable to use the Gorse Covert area for themselves and their children until the travellers have been removed and the area has been completely cleaned up.”



If you have any information regarding Scott Park being used as a public toilet please contact Patchway Town Council.

Please take your litter home

If you are using the open spaces then please can you take your litter home with you or put it in the bins provided. 
Thank You

Grant Awarding-Supporting our local community- CLOSING 1ST JUNE

Patchway Town Council gives grants to local community groups and organisations that benefit the people of Patchway. The council sees this as a way of investing into the community and ensuring that our thriving community groups, charities and organisations can continue to operate.

To read the Grant Awarding policy please click on the link provided if  you would like to apply for a grant please  click on the link 

Grant Application Form and send your completed grant form to

Cllr Sam Scott is now Mayor Of Patchway with Cllr Roger Loveridge as Deputy

At the Annual Meeting of Patchway Town Council, it was agreed that Cllr Sam Scott would sit as Mayor of Patchway for the ensuing year. Councillor Roger Loveridge will sit as Deputy Mayor for the ensuing year.

Community Award Scheme

We want to find all the people who strive to make Patchway a better place to live! Whether it be helping to pick up litter, organising community events or just helping their community, we want to know about it!

Please get in touch via our website to nominate your local community champions by e-mailing :

Play areas closed 

By order H.M. Government as part of the Covid-19 Response . 

All play areas are to remain closed. 

Please note : No equipment  safety  checks  will be carried out at this time 

Patchway Community Centre Re-development

Pre-qualification questionnaire for the Patchway Community Centre redevelopment project.

The Pre-qualification questionnaire for the Patchway Community Centre redevelopment project is now live on the ‘Contract Finder Portal’.

The PQQ sets out a range of criteria and questions that interested parties must fill out to be considered for the tendering of this project. The answers to these questions enable the client to produce a short list of suppliers that are likely to be most appropriate for their project. Short-listed suppliers may then be invited to tender for the contract.

All enquires should be sent to, FOA of Linda Squire, in the first instance.

Patchway Town Council public conveniences

Patchway Town Council Public Conveniences located in Scott Park are closed until further notice. 
Patchway Town Council apologises for any inconvenience caused but public safety is our priority


Patchway Town Council would like to thank all of its residents for continuing to make Patchway a great place to live

Patchway Town Council donates £500 in goods to the Patchway Foodbank

This particular issue has been increasingly gaining coverage all over the world. Why exactly? It is an issue that needs to be addressed, and heavily discussed among politicians, lobbyists, and congressmen alike. Patchway Town Council is pushing for change, and is doing everything they can to see a brighter future. Learn more and join the cause today.

Zip Wire in Gorse Covert

Patchway Town Council have decided to lock up the zip wire after multiple instances of vandalism have happened at Gorse Covert over the last few days. We would like to remind residents that this equipment costs a lot of money to replace and some damage is irreparable. We want to keep your equipment safe to use hence why we have chosen to put it out of action. Please respect your community by not purposefully damaging equipment that everyone uses

Office Mobile Phone Number 

Patchway Town Council offices located on Rodway Road will remain closed following government advice. 

The  office staff are working from home

 doing regular hours 9am to 5pm.

You can contact  07855 148 705

or e-mail: 

You can contact your local councilors through the "Your Councillors " page on our website: 

Dogs in Scott Park

Patchway Town Council are extremely disappointed to learn that our residents our exercising their dogs in Scott Park. Due to bylaws which protect the park, all dog walking is strictly prohibited in Scott Park. If these rules are not followed, stricter enforcement may take place which could result in the closure of Scott Park for everyone.
We encourage everyone to respect each other, stick to the social distancing rules and please abide by our bylaws. We would like to thank those residents who have been co-operating.

Patchway Town Council Precept 

Patchway Town Council's Precept for financial year 2020/2021 is an increase of 67p per week per household.

Patchway Town Council has raised it's council tax precept for the financial year 2020-2021, to ensure the infrastructure within the town is in place for many years to come.

2020 sees lots of capital expenditure for Patchway Town Council as the Patchway Community Centre project progresses positively, providing the whole of Patchway with a modern facility and housing the pre-school as well as a large upper room for community use.

The 3G Facility along with the new Cricket Nets at Scott Park is another project which will be complete by the closure of 2020, providing Patchway with better and enhanced sporting facilities. The Pavillion will be upgraded as phase two of this project which will include a community cafe.

The Casson Centre, a community building, needs a new roof on it to ensure that it is fit to serve the people of Patchway whilst keeping the hire charges low. This will ensure the building is fit for use for future generations.

The council have agreed a 'Play Area Strategy', which will ensure that all of our play area's are up to date and safe for all users. All of our play area's are needing much needed work carried out to ensure they are a safe place for everyone in the community.

We are keeping staff in your Patchway Library by funding £18,000 towards the running costs of Patchway Library. This will ensure that the library will have staff on hand to help our residents as well as the many classes and sessions that they offer.

Patchway's War Memorial

Located in Scott Park , Coniston Road, 

 Patchway War Memorial which commemorates the fallen heroes of World War One and World War Two.

This wall sit’s proudly with our existing remembrance monument and adjacent to the memorial garden and benches in Scott Park.

We encourage our residents to go and see the memorial in all it’s glory and to pay their respects to Patchway’s Fallen.

We will Remember Them.


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