Patchway Town Council offers grants that benefit the local community.  All eligible groups and organisations can apply for a grant. All grant funding will only be given to groups, organisations and projects which represent the residents of Patchway, and which demonstrate a long -term benefit to the Community. 

Grants available: 

Small grants - Up to the amount of £250

Medium grants-Up to the amount of £500

Large grants -Up to the amount of £1000

Grant Application form

If your organisation/group would like to apply to Patchway Town Council for a grant please download the Grant from and answer all the questions. 
Return your completed form to if you have any questions or query please e-mail or call 01454 868 530

Grant Awarding Policy

Please click on the link below to read Patchway Town Council's Grant Awarding Policy. If you have any questions or queries please contact: or call 01454 868 530