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Volunteering Opportunities in Patchway

Volunteers: Welcome

Patchway Town Council are seeking volunteers to assist them with running events, looking after the Town and ensuring Patchway remains a great place to live. 

We have a variety of volunteering roles available and you can find out more about these below. If you wish to volunteer with Patchway Town Council, please fill out the below form and we will get back to you with more information.

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Litter Champions

Are you passionate about Patchway and enjoy making a difference? Well this could right up your street (or all of them!). 

We are looking for people who care about their area to go around the Town litter picking in any area they so wish to do. 

We will provide a litter picker, bag grip, hi-vis jacket as well as a litter bags for you and will collect all rubbish from yourself or you can simply leave it by one of Patchway's 60 bins!

Get in touch to find out more information!

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Biodiversity Heroes

Do you want to help protect nature in your local area as well as preserving wildlife habitats? 

We are looking for volunteers to assist us with carrying out our 'Local Nature Action Plans' by making a few changes to their gardens and logging this online to help identify trends and patterns of wildlife in Patchway. 

You could help by reducing the amount of times you cut your grass or by installing a hedgehog highway in your fence. 

If you're interested, please do let us know so we can pass some more information onto you.

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