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Patchway Town Council's Three Year Plan

Strategic Plan: Welcome

Strategic Plan 2021-2023

A Positive Plan for Patchway

Patchway Town Council strives to be a forward-thinking council at the heart of the community. We want the Town Council to be seen as a body that works for Patchway and everyone in the community taking into account everyone’s viewpoints to move forward collectively. We want to see the council develop it’s community leadership, being at the forefront of community engagement and to build extensive partnerships with local organisations. We want to deliver on giving people value for money with the services that we provide and ensure that good financial governance is apparent throughout all that we do.

Patchway Town Council will strive to be:

  • Open and transparent with the whole community

  • Ambitious but realistic

  • Community minded

  • Sustainable

  • Relevant to the modern day

  • Empowering and engaging for the whole community

  • Leading on community engagement in Patchway

  • Delivering high quality projects for the whole of Patchway

  • Ensuring financial practices and systems are robust to ensure money is safeguarded

  • Efficient at all times

How will Patchway Town Council deliver this strategy?

Delivering this strategy will be at the forefront of Patchway Town Council over the next three years. Once this plan has developed and is adopted by the Full Council the 3-year budget will follow and that is how most of the aims will be achieved of this plan. Patchway Town Council delegates some powers to it’s committee’s and it will be their role to review specific projects and feedback on the plan to the council.

This strategy will have the aim of being complete in three years however due to ever increasing pressure on all local councils, some aims may not be achievable during this three-year period. Residents will be able to monitor progress of the plan through minutes of the meetings and being invited to consultation workshops, where their voices will be heard.

This plan will be reviewed by Patchway Town Council on a regular basis and all progress will be monitored. You can read the plan below!

Strategic Plan: Text
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