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Patchway Town Council Five Year Strategic Plan 2024-2029

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A Positive Plan for Patchway

Patchway Town Council are now consulting on their Five Year plan for 2024-2029. The purpose of this plan is to set out the Town Council’s key priorities that their residents want to see. 

Patchway Town Council strives to be a forward-thinking council at the heart of the community. We want the Town Council to be seen as a body that works for Patchway and everyone in the community taking into account everyone’s viewpoints to move forward collectively. We want to see the council develop it’s community leadership, being at the forefront of community engagement and to build extensive partnerships with local organisations. We want to deliver on giving people value for money with the services that we provide and ensure that good financial governance is apparent throughout all that we do.

The consultation for this plan opens on Monday 31st July 2023 and will close on Monday 30th October 2023. All comments will then be compiled and discussed at the Full Council meeting in November for implementation in early 2024. 

Patchway Town Council have achieved all of their aims in the three year plan agreed in 2020, which is a huge testament for the hard work that has gone on in Patchway. 

Please use the form below to submit your responses. Please only submit comments that are within the remit of Patchway Town Council and not that of South Gloucestershire Council. 

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