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Patchway Town Council’s Strategic Plan 

2024 - 2029

Strategic Plan: Welcome

Patchway Town Council are delighted to announce that after a successful public consultation, a new condensed strategic plan for Patchway has been created, focusing on five key areas only: 

Holding South Gloucestershire Council to account

Your Town Council will actively work with South Gloucestershire Council to ensure issues that effect you are dealt with. South Gloucestershire Council have a responsibility to maintain your roads, provide services such as the One Stop Shop and Library and also to waste and recycling. We will work with them to reduce fly tipping and we will ensure residents are equipped with the correct tools and knowledge to be able to help us, help you. 

Improving the Parade 

Your Town Council will actively work with South Gloucestershire Council and Bromford Housing Association to ensure that The Parade area is well maintained, improved and useable for all of our residents. We will also help to shape future plans for the area and will share these, wherever possible, with residents.

Improving CCTV in the local area 

Your Town Council will actively seek opportunities to improve CCTV in Patchway. We will work alongside Avon and Somerset Police to look at hotspots where CCTV may be needed and will look into different avenues of obtaining funding for this. The Town Council will also look to upgrade their existing system at Patchway Fire Station for the safety of all on Rodway Road.

Communication with all households 

Your Town Council will engage with the whole community through a variety of methods such as noticeboards, Town newsletter, social media and our website. We will ensure that all residents are catered for when it comes to important and direct communication from the Town Council. 

Youth provision and safety 

Your Town Council will actively work with South Gloucestershire Council, FACE and local school to ensure that youth provision in Patchway is not altered or reduced in any way. We will also work with our local partners to ensure the safety of all of our young people. 

How will this plan be measured?

All five items will be added as ‘Standing’ agenda items for each meeting of Patchway Town Council. This will be monitored through Officer reports where appropriate and actions will be detailed in the minutes of each meeting. 

Strategic Plan: Text
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