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Outdoor Area Maintenance

Patchway Town Council along with other organisations are responsible for the upkeep of land in the Town. Like most other towns, Patchway Town Council are responsible for some areas, with South Gloucestershire Council and Bromford being responsible for some areas too. 

This page outlines what is the responsibility of Patchway Town Council. If it is not on the below list, then the work should be reported to South Gloucestershire Council via their 'Report It' service which can be found at:

Issues that don’t fit with the Report It system can be logged by email to or by ringing 01454 868 000. 

If it is listed below under the responsibility of Patchway Town Council, we will do our best to see to it within 5 working days. There is a contact form below to report any issues to the Town Council which will be sent direct to the office. 

The areas that are maintained by Patchway Town Council. 

Parks and Open Spaces: 

  • Callicroft Road Play Area and Grass Towards South Sea Road.

  • Area at The Rear of Gorse Covert (Picnic Table).

  • The Tumps. 

  • Patchway BMX Track.

  • Blakeney Road Field and Play Area.

  • Arlingham Way Pocket Park (Not The Car Park)

  • Bevington Walk Play Area.

  • Patchway Greenway Walk from Bevington Walk Play Area through to The Tumps. 

  • Gorse Covert Play Area, Zip Wire and Goalposts.

  • Scott Park Fields and Play Areas. 

  • Eagle Meadow. 

Verges, Hedges and Trees: 

  • Highwood Road (from Standing Stone Roundabout to Patchway Roundabout). Started in May 2024, all Highwood Road verges are now included in the South Gloucestershire Council LiveLab Cut & Collect Decarbonisation project and overseen by an SGC team. See HERE for more information. 

  • Verges (From Highwood Road to Birch Close).

  • Gloucester Road A38 (Adjacent to Holy Family Church).

  • Two Verges on the Entrance Road to Scott Park.

  • Verges in Bradley Road.

  • Grass/Copse areas on Pretoria Road.

  • Waterside Drive Verges and Hedges. 

  • Rodway Road Planters.

  • Trees at The Tumps.

  • Trees at The BMX Track.

  • Trees in Scott Park.

  • Two Verges on Entrance Road to Waterside Drive.

  • Two Verges on Entrance Road to Bevington Close. 

  • Grass Area at Newnham Place.

  • Two Grass Areas (Rear of Stroud Road).

Other Outdoor Maintenance: 

  • Grass Cutting at Pretoria Road Allotments.

  • Grass Cutting at Blakeney Road Allotments.

  • Lee Close. 

  • Patchway Roundabout.

  • Grass Area Alongside Railway Bridge. 

  • Brash Land outside of A38 Underpass.

  • Land at Front of Coniston Primary School. 

  • Emptying Over 60 Bins in The Town Weekly. 

  • Daily Litter Picking of the whole Town.

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