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Patchway Town Council's Community Awards

Patchway Town Council give out community awards for people who have made an outstanding
contribution to the area in which we live.

This protocol has been designed to lay out the parameters for nominating someone and ensures that only those who truly deserve the award are put forward.

Nominations for a Patchway Town Council community award will be via a form on the Council’s website which will capture details about the nominee. The Council will consider these at quarterly intervals (June, September, December, March) and all winners will be invited to attend the award
ceremony held at the Annual Parishioners Meeting each May.

Patchway Town Council do not have to grant all nominations with an award and reserve the right to withdraw any nominees who do not meet the criteria below.

The Council will accept nominations for a community award if the nominee:

1. Is a resident of Patchway or Charlton Hayes.
2. Is not paid to carry out the work they have been nominated for.
3. Has gone above and beyond for their community.
4. Have given something back to their community.

All award winners will receive a certificate in a frame, signed by the Chairman of the Town Council
along with the Clerk of the Council. All award winners names’ will be  displayed on the Patchway Town Council website and may be used in press articles.

Please use the form below to nominate the person. Please give us their full name too.

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Fill in the Form Below

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Community Awards: Contact
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