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Patchway Town Council's Community Awards

Patchway Town Council enjoys rewarding their residents for their community endeavours and have three schemes set up for rewarding our community. 

Alderman Scott Awards

Norman Scott was the first Chairman of Patchway Parish Council in 1953 and prior to that, as a Gloucestershire County Councillor he fought for the establishment of a secondary school for Patchway.  From 2024, the Alderman Scott Award is a silver cup which the winner holds for one year plus book tokens and these are awarded to a pupil who gives exceptional service to the community of their local secondary school, Patchway Community School. 

Previous Winners:

2018 - Shannon Bright & Ben Swanson

2017 - Summer-Lea Trim & James Connors

2016 - Hannah Wood & Caullum Somerville

2015 - Zemzem Sonmez & Jack Turner

2014 - Lana Skuse & Kieran Coggins

2013 - Rosie Foale & Jess Viner

2012 - Hannah Green & Dominic Blake

2011 - Emma Shaddick & Michael Alsop

2010 - Jade Gamlin & Kieran O'Shea

2009 - Bradley MacNally & Stephanie Broad

2008 - Nikki Whitehead & Holly Kenvin

2007 - Rebecca Wingett & Tom Webber

2006 - Sarah Coombs & Kelly Wren

2005 - Stacey White & Leila Wakeham

2004 - Tania Greening & Lee Groom

2002 - Rebecca Fry & Craig Capel

2001 - Claire Edge & Alex Vittle

2000 - Timothy Rabone & Michelle Tippetts

1999 - Liz Hills & Elisa Bathe-Taylor

1998 - Glenda Evans & David Panes

1997 - Anne-Marie Francis & Rachel Curtis

1996 - Nicola Bushnell & Scott Murphy

1995 - Simon Garner & Catherine Thirkettle

1994 - Lee Siddle & Neil Hawkins

1992 - Johnathan Hitch & Rebecca Bayliss

1991 - Naomi Steel & Roger Smith 

1990 - Michael Pedel & Hayley Cooper

1989 - Nicola Prewitt, Tracey Helm & Donna Holpin

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Patchway Twinning Trophy

Community Awards: Welcome

The Patchway Twinning Trophy is awarded for achievement within the Modern Foreign Languages at local Primary and Secondary schools. The award celebrates high levels of performance when learning a new language as well as progress made when learning a new language.

On 14th May 2024, the Patchway Twinning Trophy was awarded to Letizia Scagliarini, Year 8 at Patchway Community School in recognition of outstanding achievement in Modern Foreign Languages.

PCS_Twinning_Trophy_2024_Letizia Scagliarini.JPG
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On 12th July 2024, the Patchway Twinning Award was awarded to Skye Newman, Year 6 at Callicroft Primary Academy for her enthusiasm, interest and commitment to learning a new language.

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On 12th July 2024, the Patchway Twinning Award was awarded to Jayden Hunt, Year 6 at Coniston Primary School for his exceptional effort and consistency in using the Duolingo Spanish learning app to further his knowledge in the language.

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Patchway Community Awards

Community Awards: Welcome

On 12th July 2024, the Council presented Jax Dady from Callicroft Primary Academy with a Patchway Community Award for his lemonade stall that raised a whopping £197 (as of 12 July 2024!) for the National Autistic Society.

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