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Patchway Town Council: 

The Mayor

The Mayor: Welcome

The Mayor of Patchway

The current Mayor of Patchway is Cllr Dayley Lawrence and he will serve from May 2022 to May 2024.

Cllr Dayley Lawrence was elected to be the Mayor of Patchway at the Annual Meeting of Patchway Town Council held on Tuesday 10th May 2022. On 6 May 2023, it was unanimously agreed to elect Cllr Dayley Lawrence as Mayor of Patchway for a second term until May 2024.

Each May, Patchway Town Council elects a Chairman to serve for that ensuing Civic Year. As we are a Town Council, our Chairmen are called 'Mayor' and as such have a Civic role to play within our Town. 

Patchway Town Council's Mayor is available to come to your special event, opening of a facility or presentation evening. The Mayor is the Civic Head of Patchway Town Council and is very keen to support local groups and organisations. 

If you have any events coming up, big or small, our Mayor would love to hear from you. 

Please contact us using the invitation form below to book in your Mayoral visit.

The Mayor: Bio
Alderman Scott.png

1953 - 1966 Chairman Cllr Norman Scott


2022-2024 Mayor Cllr Dayley Lawrence

Past Chairmen & Mayors of Patchway Town Council

1953-1966 - Chairman Cllr Norman Scott

1967-1968 - Chairman Cllr Clifford M Hinchey

1969-1970 - Chairman Cllr Leslie W Bosisto

1971-1972 - Chairman Cllr Donald A Dolling

1973-1975 - Chairman Cllr Lewis Gray

1976-1978 - Chairman Cllr Brian C Brook

1979-1986 - Chairman Cllr Leslie W Bosisto

1987-1990 - Chairman Cllr Donald A Dolling

1990-1994 - Chairman Cllr Lewis Gray

1994-1995 - Chairman Cllr Lewis Gray

1995-1997 - Chairman Cllr Eve Orpen

1997-2004 - Mayor Cllr Eve Orpen

2004-2005 - Mayor Cllr Kenneth Dando

2005-2006 - Mayor Cllr Kenneth Graupner

2006-2007 - Mayor Cllr Eve Orpen

2007-2008 - Mayor Cllr Lewis Gray

2008-2009 - Mayor Cllr Lewis Gray

2009-2010 - Mayor Cllr Lewis Gray

2010-2011 - Mayor Cllr Eric Gordon

2011-2012 - Mayor Cllr Eric Gordon

2012-2014 - Mayor Cllr Chris Mills

2014-2015 - Mayor Cllr Michael Grotzke

2015-2016 - Mayor Mayor Cllr Chris Mills

2016-2017 - Mayor Cllr Eve Orpen

2017-2019 - Mayor Cllr Elaine Martin

2019-2020 - Mayor Cllr Elaine Martin

2020-2021 - Mayor Cllr Sam Scott

2021-2022 - Mayor Cllr Jon Butler

2022-2024 - Mayor Cllr Dayley Lawrence

The Mayor: Get Involved
Mayor Charity Logo RGB 28.06.2022.png
The Mayor: Welcome

Each year Patchway Town Council choose a charity to benefit from the Town Council's events throughout the year. At the end of the Civic Year, the Mayor will present a cheque to this charity at an event. All the details of who the charities are will be published through the Town Council's communication channels.

Thank you to those who have helped us to raise money for the Mayor’s Charities!

Mayoral Charity Donations – How it works:

Patchway Town Council’s Mayor will choose interested groups from those who express an interest in the need for funding. The mayor along with the RFO will have delegated authority to make payment to groups who meet the criteria above. 

The groups who obtain a donation will feature on a dedicated page on the Patchway Town Council website along with the rolling total of what has been raised for the charity at events throughout the year.

To express an interest, please send a letter outlining the reasons that your group require a donation from this fund. Please send FAO The Mayor of Patchway to

The Mayor: Bio

The Mayor's Charities for the 2023/2024 Civic Year


The Memory Café

£143.91 for tablecloths

Charlton Court Residents

£75 for Christmas lights

Wednesday Lunch Club

£129.58 for a new meat slicer and coffee pump pot.

The Mayor: News

Mamas Bristol

£100 for food for their 'Winter Warmer' event.

Patchway Centre Pre-School

£87.97 for bean bag chairs and an alphabet rug.

Friends of Patchway Twinning

£50 for educational resources for the Twinning Prize.

Coniston Primary School

£144.98 for bean bags, coffee table, throws, crockery set, paint and paint brushes. 

The Mayor: News

The Mayor's Charities for the 2022/2023 Civic Year


The Link Club


2nd Patchway Scouts


The Mayor: News

The Mayor's Christmas Message

The Mayor: Get Involved

The Mayor at Patchway Town Council Events

The Mayor: Get Involved

Opening Events

The Mayor: Get Involved

Events in the Community

The Mayor: Get Involved

The Mayor's Charity

The Mayor: Get Involved

The Mayor with Local Groups

The Mayor: Get Involved

The Mayor with Local Schools

The Mayor: Get Involved

The Mayor at Twinning Events

The Mayor: Get Involved
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