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Clerk and Councillor Training Record

Click to view the training record for the Town Clerk and your Town Councillors.

Our Councillors: Bio

The Councillors

Here are the Councillors that represent The Town Council on Callicroft, Coniston and Highwood Wards.

Our Councillors: Bio
Our Councillors: Issues

Dayley Lawrence - Chairman
and Mayor of Patchway

Cllr. Mr D.Lawrence

Coniston Ward 

Dayley was elected in May 2021 as a Labour Party Councillor for Callicroft ward and is is passionate about Patchway and the community. This was a proud moment for Dayley as members of his family have lived in the Patchway area since the 1950s. Dayley also works as a postman at Patchway delivery office.

Dayley looks to represent all residents of Patchway with special interest in the BAME, LGBTQ+ and disabled members of the community and promises to always act in the best interest of the people of Patchway.  

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