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Clerk and Councillor Training Record

Click to view the training record for the Town Clerk and your Town Councillors.

Our Councillors: Bio

The Councillors

Here are the Councillors that represent The Town Council on Callicroft, Coniston and Highwood Wards.

Our Councillors: Bio

Cllr Mr D.Lawrence - Chairman
and Mayor of Patchway

Coniston Ward


Dayley was elected in May 2021 as a Labour Party Councillor for Callicroft ward and is is passionate about Patchway and the community. This was a proud moment for Dayley as members of his family have lived in the Patchway area since the 1950s. Dayley also works as a postman at Patchway delivery office.

Dayley looks to represent all residents of Patchway with special interest in the BAME, LGBTQ+ and disabled members of the community and promises to always act in the best interest of the people of Patchway. 

Our Councillors: About

Cllr. Ms A.Morey - Vice Chair and Deputy Mayor of Patchway

Highwood Ward

Angela was delighted to be elected as a Patchway Town Councillor for Highwood Ward following the May 2023 elections.
She will always put Patchway residents first in her decision-making processes. 

Her passions include youth development, protecting the environment and ensuring our older residents voices are heard. 
Angela looks forward to getting to know her constituents over her coming term and is always happy to be contacted with any concerns.

Our Councillors: About
Our Councillors: About

Cllr Ms N.Field

Callicroft Ward

Natalie is a Labour Councillor for Callicroft ward. Her family and several of her friends live or have lived in Patchway. It is an area which she very much cares about. As well as sitting on Full Council and Finance Committees, Natalie sits on the Personnel Committee and Parks, Open Spaces, Planning & Transport Committee.

She has worked at different levels in the NHS / local government for over 30 years including within South Gloucestershire Council for 5 years. She knows Patchway from working in the Council on community development work. She does this through listening to the concerns raised by local residents. She has experience of working with planning, environment, schools, early years as well as working in hospital and primary care. She has also worked in the voluntary sector.

Cllr. Mr D.Fry

Callicroft Ward


It’s a great honour to be chosen to serve the great people of Patchway for the next 4 years. The hard work starts now to make this town proud with 14 other fantastic councillors that have the best interests of Patchway at heart.

I’ll bring passion, belief and knowhow to this council. I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Our Councillors: About

Cllr. Mr E.Gordon J.P.

Callicroft Ward


Eric moved to Patchway in 1985 shortly after completing over 10 years in the British Army. He has two daughters and four sons.

Eric has been a member of the Labour Party for over thirty years. He was selected by the local Labour Party to contest a vacant seat on Coniston Ward in 1993 and has been a Labour Councillor for Patchway Town Council since then.

He was elected Mayor for Patchway in 2010 and 2011 and has been a Trustee for Coniston Community Centre for 8 years.

He is a very Active Local Town Councillor for Patchway and hopes to continue for many more years to come.

Our Councillors: About

Cllr. Mr P.Knight

Callicroft Ward


Serving as a Councillor for the past few years, combined with  role as Vice Chair of the Patchway Open Spaces & Transport Committee last year, has been an incredible journey. It has provided me with the opportunity to actively contribute towards improving our community's quality of life.

I am truly honored to be co-opted as a Patchway Town Councillor for the upcoming term and eagerly anticipate the privilege of making meaningful decisions that positively impact the lives of Patchway residents.

Our Councillors: About

Cllr. Mrs E.Martin

Callicroft Ward


Elaine has been a Town Councillor for 15 years, is married with two grown up children and has lived in Patchway for 40 years. She has been involved in youth projects around the town with St John's Cadets and Adults before Patchway Division closed and being a Brownie Guide Leader along with other children and young people projects. Elaine was also an NHS School Health Nurse Administrator for the Severnside area before retiring and Southern Brooks Trustee for 8 years.

Our Councillors: About

Cllr. Mr R.Loveridge

Callicroft Ward


Roger has lived in Patchway for over 60 years and has been involved within the community for a lot of that time. He was elected to Patchway Town Council in 2014 and is currently Vice  Chair of the Council and Chair of the Parks & Open Spaces and Planning Committee.

Roger was directly involved in securing the grant of over £600,000 for successful construction of the recently opened 3G floodlight training facility and twin lane all weather cricket practice facility, which has proved to be very popular with residents of Patchway and Charlton Hayes, especially younger residents. He has also recently been involved with the Council's planning application for a new pavilion at Scott Park that will hopefully be granted by the end of the year.  

Roger was involved with Patchway Senior Citizen Wednesday Lunch Club and hopes to get this much needed event up and running again.

Roger is proud to be working with other councillors to improve youth work in Patchway.  

Our Councillors: About

Cllr. Mr P.Cottrell

Coniston Ward


Patrick has been a Councillor in Patchway for over 30 years. He is dedicated to ensuring that our back lanes are maintained to the highest possible standard.

Our Councillors: About

Cllr. Mr K.Dando

Coniston Ward


Ken has been a member of Patchway Town Council for many years and Vice Chair of Almondsbury and Patchway Joint Burial Committee. He has also been a member of South Gloucestershire Council and Avon Fire Authority committees.

Ken sits on Patchway Town Council's Parks & Open Spaces, Planning and Transport Committee,  Finance Committee and Personnel Committee which he also Chairs. 

Ken's main objective is to make Patchway a better place to live, work and play.

Our Councillors: About

Cllr. Ms D.Lansdown

Coniston Ward


Denise has lived in Patchway for over 35 years with her children growing up here and now her grandchildren.

She is passionate about the Patchway Community and improving the vision of Patchway Town Council, bringing the community together and ensuring every resident has a voice. Denise will listen to the people of Patchway and strive to help make Patchway the place that everyone wants to live.

Our Councillors: About
Our Councillors: About

Cllr Mr S.Scott 

Coniston Ward

Sam Scott.JPG

Sam is a Patchway resident, councillor and sits on Patchway Town Council's Finance Committee.

Sam's priorities for Patchway are helping sort parking, pot holes and putting Patchway first.  

Cllr. Mrs T.Scott

Coniston Ward


Community development has always been a passion of Toni's and being elected as a Town Councillor has allowed her to give back to the amazing community in Patchway. Toni has also taken the lead on Patchway Town Council's 2020 VE and VJ celebrations. 

Toni prioritises Patchway's rich aerospace heritage - and young families - in all her council work.

Our Councillors: About

Cllr. Mr K.Walker

Coniston Ward


Keith has previously been a Town and District Councillor of Patchway between 2011 – 2019 and is current chairperson and trustee of Coniston Community Association. He is currently retired but drives the school bus for Four Towns minibuses transportation carrying children with learning difficulties.

Keith has attended party political conferences including the TUC and   campaigned on many local issues. He was a shop steward for 24 years, branch secretary for 18 years, trade union divisional council member for 14 years, chaired the Midlands Divisional Conference, officiated at the trade union annual conference and was on the Tesco national bargaining negotiating committee. He also has substantial training on legal matters including rights at work, employee rights and health & safety.

He hopes to work with colleagues, residents and interested stakeholders to the betterment of Patchway.

Our Councillors: About

Cllr. Ms J.James

Highwood Ward


Jenny has previously been a carer around Patchway which included Highwood Ward, volunteered at a Cub Scout Group in Patchway and worked at ASDA, Cribbs Causeway.

She is a member of many community groups as well as her Church, and is studying for a degree with the Open University. During the COVID 19 Pandemic she worked in the NHS for Bristol Nightingale Hospital and help to set up a support group in her neighbourhood. She is very much looking forward to helping any way she can for the community of Patchway.

Our Councillors: About
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