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Patchway Town Council invests in upgrading CCTV for Rodway Road

Patchway Town Council has invested in the latest technology when upgrading the CCTV on Rodway Road for the purposes of public safety, crime prevention, detection and prosecution of offenders.

The Council is committed that residents, businesses and visitors feel safe when visiting our town and our busiest shopping area. The latest HD technology provides the town with the reassurance of a safer environment to go about daily and working lives.

The information signs on the scheme will shortly be updated for the latest contact information.

Mayor of Patchway, Cllr Dayley Lawrence said, ‘I am delighted the Council has invested in this new CCTV system at our busiest crossroads and commercial area of our town. It is important that we as a Council commit to helping our community feel safer as they go about their business’.

The system is run by Patchway Town Council and can be contacted on and 07903 628422. The Council’s CCTV Policy can be seen by visiting

21 March 2024

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