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Patchway Town Council Hosts First Ever Book-signing

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Patchway Town Council hosted its first ever book-signing on 21 December with local resident author David Giles signing copies of his first published novel ‘Oathbound; The Suffering of Others’.

As a resident of Rodway Road, David was delighted to host the book-signing at the Council offices on the same road, and there was a creative atmosphere across the afternoon.

David read excerpts of his book for guests in the Boardroom at Callicroft House with a steady flow of people attending to have copies signed by the author, including Cllr Toni Scott who initially introduced David to the Council team.

David said, ‘'With first book signings authors are always told to keep their expectations down as it's very common for no one to turn up at all. The response I got was thus very gratifying and it felt like I'd finally become an author. As to the future, well I certainly intend to attempt more book signings, and naturally more books. I'm even trying to produce my own audiobook.'

Cllr Toni Scott said, ‘Patchway Town Council are always looking for new ways to support our people. We are lucky enough to have so much incredible talent within our community, and it's important to me as a Councillor that we are able to engage with our residents and local organisations to shine a spotlight on this home-grown talent.’

David’s book ‘Oathbound; The Suffering of Others’ is available to buy on Amazon, and we look forward to further books in the series, and maybe future book-signings with our very own local, published author.

Patchway Town Council is committed to supporting local talent and hopes that we are able to offer similar opportunities to other budding authors and artists at Council’s premises.

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