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Three Towns Come Together to Celebrate 20 Years of Twinning!

Patchway's Twin Towns, Gauting in Germany and Clermont-l'Hérault in France sent representatives over to Patchway in June to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Twinning between Patchway and Gauting.

Patchway Twinning Association, working closely with Patchway Town Council put on a full schedule of events for our guests to do to truly make this a trip to remember. We have received nothing but positive feedback from our Twin Towns on this visit and we are glad to be able to show them all areas of Patchway and beyond. Below you can get a taste of what was done on this most recent Twinning exchange.

On Wednesday 15th June, the German and French delegations arrived in Patchway and were welcomed with some light refreshments at Patchway Community Centre. This allowed the officials of all Towns to come together, some meeting for the first time and some seeing friends they have known for 20 years and beyond!

Very quickly, was upon us as the delegations and their hosts travelled to the Jurassic Coast in Dorset. The sun was shining as the 'Twinners' walked around seeing the sights as well as having an authentic seaside lunch! The guests loved seeing this area of England and have even requested to come back here on the next exchange.

Not only was it the hottest day of the year on Friday, it was the day of the walking tour of Patchway! The day started off with breakfast at Callicroft House and a look around the Council's offices. Then they were off to Patchway Library for a talk by the Librarian as well as seeing a display of French and German books put together by the Twinning Association and Patchway Library. The next stage of the day had taken everyone for a guided tour of Patchway's newest school, Charlton Wood Primary School. The headteacher, Neil Lankester, showed everyone around asking questions and often trying to see comparisons between our school's in Patchway with the schools in France and Germany.

The next part of the day was an introduction to Charlton Hayes, by the Residents Association of Charlton Hayes. This included a talk on the history of Charlton Hayes as well as a walk to Gauting Road! The delegations then headed back for a guided tour of the recently redeveloped Patchway Community Centre before heading to Scott Park to see all of the new developments that have happened in the recent years. The delegation then headed off and explored the Community Fair at The Parade and then had a seminar on Green Energy with EDF. The day ended with a trip to Winterbourne Barn and dinner at Coniston Cafe.

On what was the final day of the exchange, the delegation headed to central Bristol for a walking tour of the centre before heading off on their own to explore the Town. On Saturday evening, the Civic Dinner was held at The Ship Inn at Alveston. This event was a huge success with Patchway Councillors attending to speak and network with our French and German counterparts. The Council even welcomed two Freeman of Patchway to the event. The event concluded with speeches from the Mayor of Patchway, Mayor of Gauting, A Councillor from Clermont-l'Hérault as well as the Chair people of the respective Twinning Associations. The theme of unity in a Europe where there is so much uncertainty was shared and this exchange further cemented the links between Patchway, Gauting and Clermont-l'Hérault.

Below are some images that were taken during the visit and capture how the exchange went. If you are interested in Twinning in Patchway please contact the Town Clerk by email to to find out how you can be involved in linking the three Towns together!

The delegations enjoyed a chat with the Librarian at Patchway Library.

There was also a display of French and German literature to inform our residents of the links between our Twin Towns.

The delegations enjoyed a tour of Charlton Wood Academy.

ReACH gave a talk on the past, present and future of Charlton Hayes.

The Mayor of Patchway, Cllr Dayley Lawrence, presents a gift from Patchway Town Council to Veronique Delorme of Clermont-l'Hérault.

The Mayor of Patchway, Cllr Dayley Lawrence gives a gift to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Twinning between Patchway and Gauting, to the Mayor of Gauting, Dr Kossinger.

The Mayors and Chair People of the Twinning Associations have a discussion about Twinning!

The Mayor of Gauting gives her speech to the audience at the Civic Dinner.

Clermont-l'Hérault representative Veronique Delorme addresses the audience at the Civic Dinner.

The Mayor of Patchway with ex-Chairman and Freeman of Patchway, Lewis Gray,

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