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The Wednesday Lunch Club – PTC Grant Update

In 2022, Patchway Town Council granted community group ‘The Wednesday Lunch Club’ with £250 towards local support and events for their group. You will see just how their grant has been used below.

From The Lunch Club:

The grant application monies would be used to ‘stock’ the store cupboard with essentials, which we did and to replace cooking utensils and pots and pans as the old aluminium pots and pans really should not be used any more. We have purchased three large cooking saucepans for vegetables and currently borrow some from the volunteers when needed. We have also purchased cooking utensils, chopping boards, aprons and hats.

Total amount used:

Store cupboard essentials - £117.79

3 Stainless steel saucepans - £48.00

Cooking utensils - £15.00

Chopping boards, aprons and hats - £103.06

Total: £286.85 (balance made from Aura Foundation Grant)

The grant helped the volunteers provide a 2 course hot meal and hot refreshments for 19 people the first week, safely and hygienically and following Government health and hygiene rules and will do so for the future of the lunch club. We started with 16 members and currently have 48 members with a waiting list to join. We have had to limit our numbers due to the size of our oven and current levels of equipment, we have already had to purchase dinner plates to accommodate. We are based in Patchway Community Centre.

The benefits to this group are vast, here are a few:

  • A hearty freshly cooked hot meal.

  • As much hot refreshments as they require

  • Social gathering

  • Donated book library

  • Affordability for everyone who attends.

We currently have a waiting list for anyone who wishes to join us. We insist that members are from Patchway and are over 55 years of age.

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