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The Friends of Patchway Twinning 2024

The Friends of Patchway Twinning along with Patchway Town Council are excited to announce their plans for this year!


Since the Civic meetings held between the Mayor’s in Gauting and Clermont l-Herault in 2023, there has been a renewed focus on ensuring Twinning benefits the young people of all towns, including right here in Patchway!


Working with the partnerships in both of our twin towns, we have managed to secure a wonderful and diverse programme for all young people in all three Towns, including a fully-funded trip for Patchway’s young people to gain experience and life skills in another country undertaking some valuable work experience.


As ever, we are always looking for new members to join our team and are also looking for host families for the upcoming visits.


If you’re interested in supporting Twinning, please contact us via email to


We are pleased to be working with Patchway Community School and FACE Charity throughout 2024!



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