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South Gloucestershire Council - Next Link Plus+ - Domestic abuse towards older people

Please find details below from South Gloucestershire Council regarding their Next Link Plus+ service.

'Anybody can experience domestic abuse - but nobody should.

If anyone aged 16 or over behaves in an abusive way to another person they have an intimate or family relationship with then this is defined as domestic abuse.

There might be a single incident or repeated incidents including:

· physical or sexual abuse

· violent or threatening behaviour

· controlling or coercive behaviour

· financial abuse

· psychological, emotional or other abuse

Anyone forced to change their behaviour because they are frightened of someone’s reaction is being abused.

According to a report by the SafeLives charity, people aged 61 and above are much more likely to experience domestic abuse from an adult family member than those aged 60 and under, and on average, older victims experience abuse for twice as long before seeking help.

In South Gloucestershire, we want to put a stop to all domestic abuse. That’s why this winter we are running a campaign to encourage older victims of domestic abuse to get the help and support they need to be safe and feel safe. More generally, we want to raise awareness of the types of domestic abuse which might affect an older person so family members, neighbours, friends or carers recognise it too and help the victim access support.

We are providing venues in the community, such as GP surgeries, libraries, community centres and village halls and garden centres, with posters which highlight different types of abuse and the Next Link Plus+ helpline as well as websites which can provide support and advice. Next Link has specialist advisors who have the training and expertise to support and help older survivors.'

South Gloucestershire Council’s commissioned domestic abuse support service Next Link Plus+ runs a domestic abuse helpline which is available on 0800 4700 280, as well as the website

Their domestic abuse information page is available at:

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