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South Gloucestershire Council - Launch of new consultation: Waste less, recycle more

South Gloucestershire Council have advised of the launch of their consultation, 'Waste less, recycle more'. They say:

'Over the next two weeks South Gloucestershire Council will be launching some significant consultations; we’ll be asking for feedback on our draft budget proposals for 2024/25 and there will also be opportunities for local people to input into how we might implement some of the savings proposals which formed part of last year’s budget.

Waste less, recycle more consultation

Ahead of that, we have launched a consultation today, which looks at some potential changes to our waste collection service over the coming years. Our consultation document takes people through those proposals: what is planned, why we think the changes are necessary, as well as the potential timelines we are looking at.

These changes will clearly be of interest to many of our residents, so please do share the consultation document and encourage others to complete the survey. As key stakeholders, we of course welcome your feedback too.

You can find out more and complete the survey on our consultation page: As always, a pdf copy is available to download to allow people to print and send us feedback on a paper copy.'

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