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Returning to Nature

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

At the meeting of Patchway Town Council's Parks, Open Spaces, Planning and Transport Committee on 6th July 2021 it was decided to return an area of Scott Park back to nature.

At the rear of the children's play area used to be a sensory walkway which was very underused and dilapidated. The decision was made in 2020 to remove this walkway completely. Since then much thought has gone into what should happen with this area and we are pleased to have reached a positive conclusion.

This area will now be returned back to nature with some significant investment and will, over time, become somewhere all of our residents can sit and enjoy the nature that Patchway has to offer.

Over the next few months, we will be working on putting our plans in action.

The below is the scope of the works we will be undertaking in the near future.

- Completely rotovate and level the whole area off.

- Plant bulbs and wildflowers in this area to create a ‘Meadow’.

- To add four wooden benches around the perimeter for people to sit on and enjoy the flowers

and nature.

- To convert one panel of the fence into a gate way.

- To extend the path to this gate across the path.

- Plant a perimeter of tree saplings to add future screening to this area.

- To install 4 wooden bird boxes in the trees to create habitats for birds.

- To have a pathway around the ‘meadow’ and into the small woodland by using wood chippings.

If you have any suggestions for this area, please do get in contact with us.

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