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Patchway Town Council approves funding for Coniston Community Centre and Youth Work

At the Annual Meeting of the Town Council on 21st May 2024, Patchway Town Council agreed to provide funding to two of the town’s important organisations offering services and facilities for the town and young people.

FACE Charity have been approved £7000 funding to ensure provision of the Junior Youth Club, small project sessions at Patchway Youth Centre and at Patchway Community School, and the community outreach events. This funding will enable FACE to continue its invaluable and professional work with and for the young people of Patchway.

Coniston Community Centre have been approved £5000 funding for maintenance to enable the trustees to continue providing vital services for the priority neighbourhood, and to modernise the facilities enabling the Centre to attract new community groups.

The funding for Coniston Community Centre follows the Council also approving £5000 funding for maintenance to Patchway Community Centre at Rodway Road in April.

Director of FACE Charity Debbie Teml said, ’We are delighted that Patchway Town Council has agreed to £7,000 funding for us to continue youth work in Patchway. This funding will cover a gap in funding as we await the news of a Lottery Fund application and will protect jobs for staff and youth clubs for young people.

Since FACE took on the youth work in Patchway in 2022 and the Patchway Youth Centre building on Coniston Road in 2023, we have been striving to create a more welcoming and inclusive space for Patchway’s young people to learn and develop positive skills and behaviours together and this funding will enable us to continue this good work. Youth work funding has diminished nationally for quite some time and now relies more and more on grants and fundraising; we are so grateful to the Town Council for investing in its teenagers and funding professional youth work in the town’.

Mayor of Patchway Cllr Dayley Lawrence said, ‘Our local community centres and youthwork support provide a vital service for the people and young people of Patchway. The Council is committed to ensuring these organisations can continue to provide for the town and this funding is reflective of our support’.

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