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Patchway Town Council and Coniston Primary School come together for a morning of exploring nature!

Before the Summer Holidays, Patchway Town Council’s Ground Staff and Cllr Roger Loveridge attended Coniston Primary School for a morning of bio-diversity work with some key stage 2 pupils. This work was part of Patchway Town Council’s Local Nature Action Plan and the morning was all about getting the pupils outdoors and exploring.

Thanks to Patchway’s ‘Men in Sheds’, the children now have two squirrel feeders which have been installed to encourage more squirrels onto the schools’ site. Patchway Town Council also donated a wooden planter in which seeds were sown and plants were planted for the children to look after.

The children ended the morning with resources from the Avon Wildlife Trust about biodiversity which included identifying plants and leaves as well as encouraging the children to thank about their environment in which they live. It was a very productive morning and hopefully will be continued into the new school year.

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