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Passing of Freeman of Patchway, Lewis Gray

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Patchway Town Council are extremely saddened to learn the news that Freeman of Patchway, Lewis (Lew) Gray has passed away.

Lew was a friends to many Councillors, past and present as well as staff on the Town Council. Lew was an extremely likeable character in our community and helped to shape Patchway Town Council for over 30 years, and it was Lew's proposal to name the Town Council offices 'Callicroft House'.

Lew was the fifth Chairman to Patchway Town Council, first being elected to the role in 1973. He served as Chairman for 10 years over a tenure that spanned more than three decades.

Lew played an active role in the local community during his entire life and devoted so much time to helping the Patchway Community.

Up until a year ago, Lew was long-serving Chairman of Coniston Community Centre. This centre was a project that Lew loved being involved with creating a new centre for the Coniston side of Patchway.

He was enthusiastic about Patchway’s twinning links with France and Germany, where he used to refer to himself as “the Old Grey Mare”!

Mr Gray's achievements include:

· 54 years a member of Patchway Parish Council, later Patchway Town Council.

· Chairman for 10 years, 4 years of which as Mayor, and Vice-Chairman for 12 years.

· Local Magistrate for 20 years.

· Governor of Patchway High School for 40 years and of Coniston Primary School for 45 years.

· Trustee of Almondsbury Charity for 20 years

· Treasurer of Patchway Community Association for 18 years

On his passing, Mayor of Patchway, Cllr Dayley Lawrence stated ‘Lew Gray was to anyone who knew him a kind and caring man. He dedicated his life to working for the betterment of others. He was one of the longest serving Councillors and Chairman of Patchway Town Council and certainly left big shoes to fill. Having known him for a number of years, this is also a personal loss. He will be missed by our council, staff, residents and not only his Labour Party family but many others across the political spectrum. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends at this sad time.’

A book of condolence is available for residents to sign at Callicroft House.

Keith Walker has written the following for Lew:

In Patchway's heart, a soul so true, Lew, a stalwart, with work to do. Forty years of service, a legacy clear, A town's gratitude, whispers in the air.

Through seasons changing, like leaves that fall, Lew stood tall, answered the town's call. Public service, his compass, guiding light, In Patchway's story, he wrote each line.

From council chambers to streets well-known, Lew's dedication like seeds had grown. A silent hero, with deeds untold, In service to others, a story unfolds.

Through trials faced and victories won, Lew's journey in public service is done. Yet echoes linger in the town's embrace, His spirit lives on, a timeless grace.

In Patchway's memory, a chapter divine, Lew's legacy, a radiant sign. For every handshake, every smile, He served with passion, went the extra mile.

As the sun sets on this chapter's page, Lew's impact remains, an enduring stage. In the tapestry of Patchway's history, his name lives on, a cherished melody.

We will be releasing more details on the funeral arrangements when we receive them.

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