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Mayor of Patchway unveils historical mural at Coniston Community Centre

Mayor of Patchway, Cllr Dayley Lawrence has unveiled a special mural at its new home of Coniston Community Centre. 

The mural has been created through ReACH (Residents’ Association for Charlton Hayes) and received funding from Cllr Sam Scott, South Gloucestershire District Councillor, Coniston Community Association and Patchway Town Council.  

The mural tells the story of the village of Charlton Village which was next to Filton Airfield and became a centrepiece for the development that accompanied the aerospace innovation that took place in the area with Charlton Village eventually losing out as the longer runway for Brabazon and Concorde was required.  

The story continued with the new residential developments of Charlton Hayes which have grown the population of the area with neighbouring Patchway, and as the new Brabazon development now takes the story into the future.  

ReACH has championed this story in recognition of all the hard-working people who helped make this area great. It is their efforts that have left this Legacy for generations to come, and this mural that tells the fascinating story.  

Chair of ReACH Allan Watson said, ‘The team at ReACH are delighted that our mural has found a home at Coniston Community Centre for residents young and old to view this really interesting piece of history for our area. ReACH has pulled this fabulous piece of work together, and I am proud we can now properly share it with the community’. 

Mayor of Patchway, Cllr Dayley Lawrence said, ’What a deeply interesting story this mural tells for those who have lived through the changes, and for the many visitors, and young people who can understand the story through viewing this brilliant piece of work’.  

1 May 2024 

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