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Gauting students write diary entries on their recent visit to Patchway

In May 2024, 8 students and 2 teachers from Patchway’s twin town of Gauting in Germany visited our town to undertake work experience in our schools, to join local young people across a number of activities, and to visit places of interest in the area.


See the full article on the groups visit HERE.


On returning home three of the students wrote diary entries about their experiences in Patchway. Franka, Holly and Magda’s write-ups can be read below. The entries have been published as received.


Dear diary,

The week in England was a wonderful experience. I experienced a lot and got to know nice people. When we arrived, we were welcomed by our host families with a buffet. Then we, the 3 other girls and I, drove to our host family. The host family showed us the large park and the huge bridge in Bristol, I also took some pictures :).


On Wednesday we went to the seaside and went for a walk on the beach, after that we ate traditional fish and chips, it was delicious and perfect after a long walk! We also did some more exciting activities. Once we played soccer with the youth center team, which was a lot of fun despite the heavy rain.


The next day we met at the Youth Center and ate delicious spaghetti, we played soccer and talked with the other young people. My internship at Coniston Primary School was also a great experience. The teachers and pupils were very respectful and friendly, which is why I felt very comfortable during the internship. In contrast to German schools, there were no blackboards, but large screens where the lessons were held on and the pupils were writing their answers on little whiteboards, which was really interesting and different to me. In general, the school was very inviting and modern. It was a wonderful time that I will never forget.Your Franka



Dear diary,After arriving in London on Sunday, we couldn’t await Monday since it was the first day of our internship. On our first day we were given a small tour of our primary school and got to meet a teacher before joining our first lessons. During the lessons we were able to help children with any questions and we got to help teachers with tasks.


After lunch we decided to join another class and stayed there for the rest of the week. My favourite thing about staying in that school from Monday to Thursday was seeing how other school systems work in different countries, helping the children in various subjects like maths and listening to them read their books. After school our teachers always had something organized for us. That way we met new people and were shown around Patchway and nearby cities.


Yours, Holly



Dear Diary

The whole week was beautiful. I was able to improve my English and had contact with many nice people. The children I was with were all friendly and happy about us. It was really fun to work with them and play with them. The lessons were, compared to ours, very different and more disciplined.


The teachers were also very nice and helped us when we needed help. They intrigued us in their lessons and I didn't feel like we were unwanted. That was very great. All in one it was a very impressive week with a lot of joy and fun.


Your Magda


19th June 2024

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