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Consultation responses on the future of the accessible lift at Norman Scott Park Pavilion

The accessible lift at Norman Scott Park pavilion was installed as part of the construction of the town’s newest community building to ensure two options for inclusive access to the building for everyone including people with reduced mobility, mobility devices, prams, push chairs. The Pavilion also offers ramp access to the building.


Unfortunately the lift has been repeatedly vandalised over the past few months leaving it out of order since the start of 2024 and the Council with a potential repair bill and ongoing future maintenance costs.


At the Full Meeting of Patchway Town Council on 20th February 2024, councillors considered options for the future of the lift whilst ensuring inclusive access for everyone to the building. Options include repair and ongoing maintenance costs using Council funds, or removal and reimagining the inclusive access for the building utilising a ramp with alterations.


Councillors voted to launch a public consultation for residents to contribute to that decision making on the future of the lift with the results of that consultation published at:

Patchway Town Council will consider the results and a resolution at the Full Meeting on 19th March 2024.

11 March 2024

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