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Budget Press Release 2020


For immediate release.

Patchway Town Council have reduced their Council Tax Precept by 3.33% percent for the financial year 2021/2022.

The Town Council made the decision to maintain the current precept of £730,655 but due to the tax base being higher than last year, it will result in a decrease of £6.31 per household based on a ‘Band D Equivalent’.

The budget contains general running costs for Patchway Town Council, which have mostly reduced but also includes a large percentage of capital funding to aid the Town Council’s delivery of key projects such as the redevelopment of the Norman Scott Park Pavilion. Also, there is designated budgets for areas such as Rodway Road, Charlton Hayes and The Parade, which shows the Town Council’s intent on improving infrastructure in Patchway. There is also a continual amount of funding for street lighting in Scott Park as well as improved budgets for all open areas and green spaces throughout Patchway. The Town Council have also increased their general grants budget, so that more community groups can access funding when they need it most.

Mayor of Patchway and Chairman of the Finance Committee, Councillor Sam Scott, stated that:

‘I am thrilled that we have been able to deliver a budget that delivers on major projects whilst decreasing the cost to Patchway residents for Patchway services. I am also proud to see some of our key projects come to fruition, in a year where there has been so much uncertainty due to the pandemic and I cannot wait to see what we can achieve in the next financial year’.

The budget is available to view on the Patchway Town Council website ( and paper copies are available upon request.

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