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A Riveting Clash on the Norman Scott Park 3G Pitch: Hongkongers FC Bristol vs Cardiff POBL Hong Kong

Last Saturday, The Jason Franklin 3G pitch in Patchway played host to an electrifying 7-a-side football match between Hongkongers FC Bristol and Cardiff POBL Hong Kong. The spirited encounter, despite the challenging weather conditions, was a testament to the dedication and sportsmanship of both teams. 

The wind swept across the field adding an extra layer of excitement to the game. The players showcased their skills and determination, creating an atmosphere of intense yet friendly competition. The match served as a genuine celebration of the universal passion for football, uniting players from Hong Kong residing in the UK for an unforgettable showdown. 

In adherence to the values of fair play and respect for our opponents, we will refrain from specifying the final score. The focus remains on the passion, teamwork, and skill displayed throughout the match by both Hongkongers FC Bristol and Cardiff POBL Hong Kong. 

Mark your calendars for the upcoming clash on 20 January 2024, when the team will journey to Cardiff for the second leg of this exciting contest. Additionally, an eagerly awaited match against Burgos FC, a renowned Hong Kong-based team, awaits the team in Birmingham. 

As the team continues its football journey, Hongkongers FC Bristol extends a warm invitation to other football teams interested in friendly matches. The 3G pitch at Norman Scott Park has witnessed thrilling encounters, and Hongkongers Bristol FC welcome new opponents to join us for an afternoon of camaraderie and competition. If your team is up for the challenge at the new, purpose built facility in the heart of Patchway, please get in touch with the team through Facebook to schedule a match. 

For those who want to relive the highlights of the recent 7-a-side clash, the match highlight link is here:  

Hongkongers FC Bristol regularly train at The Jason Franklin 3G Facility at Norman Scott Park, Patchway with details available at   

13 December 2023 

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