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WESTlink - New On-Demand Bus Service

WESTlink is a new type of bus service which will operate from April 2023 in the vast majority of the West of England, outside of Bristol and Bath city centres. It runs without a fixed timetable or route, and is booked 'on demand' by users through the WESTlink app or by phone.

  • There will be approximately 30 buses running across the region, which can take up to 16 passengers each from over 1,800 existing and 'virtual' bus stops. These will operate within 3 zones, North, South and the Future Transport Zone pilot (journeys are limited to within each zone, except for shared areas).

  • Booking is available via a mobile app, website or on the phone.

  • Journeys can be booked on-demand or on the day before travel from 07:00.

  • Only single fares are currently available at £2 for adults and £1 for children.

  • All concessionary and older person's bus passes will be accepted from 9am Monday to Friday and all day Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays.

More information can be found by visiting

The WESTlink Zone Map can be found here

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