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The Parade Underpass – An Update

Patchway Town Council have been working with South Gloucestershire Council and Bromford Housing Association to create a safer environment at The Parade in Patchway.

The first step of this will be removing the underpass and installing a crossing on Coniston Road. As residents would have seen, South Gloucestershire Council have been carrying out a number of test digs, which haven’t returned anything that will halt progress.

The designs are well underway, and South Gloucestershire Council will be publishing the formal notices of the final layout of the parallel crossing on the raised table from the 19th April. This will be on the Council’s consultations page on the website Homepage - South Gloucestershire Online Consultations (

South Gloucestershire Council are still intending to carry out the works this summer, with the new crossing in place by, or very soon after the start of the school term in September.

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