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Statement on South Gloucestershire Playscheme Funding

Patchway Town Council were disappointed to learn that Charlton Hayes Parish Council have rejected a funding bid from South Gloucestershire Playscheme, a scheme which serves both the residents of Patchway and Charlton Hayes.

The South Gloucestershire Playscheme runs in each of the school holidays and provides free activities and food for children aged between 4 and 11 in Patchway and Charlton Hayes. Although the sessions are based in Patchway, they are accessible to all children in the local area.

As a result of the decision of Charlton Hayes Parish Council, the Playscheme would have had to deliver a reduced offering for this summer’s scheme. This would have meant that there would have only been 3 days of free activities for our young people.

However, under delegated powers, Patchway Town Council have agreed a further £1500 in grant funding to ensure that this provision remains for the young people of Patchway and Charlton Hayes. Without this funding, the scheme would not have been delivered at it’s usual and full capacity for residents in both towns.

Patchway Town Council has committed £4250 towards this year’s playscheme to ensure that the young people in Patchway and Charlton Hayes do not miss out on these wonderful opportunities.

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