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South Gloucestershire Council - Waste and Recycling Update Pop-Up Meeting

South Gloucestershire Council are inviting people to engage in a virtual Pop-Up meeting on Waste and Recycling Update.

They state: 'During the online session, the South Gloucestershire Service Director will present an overview of the Waste and Recycling Update. Additionally, the event will provide updates on the ongoing industrial dispute between Unite members and Suez, our waste contractor.

We want to express our appreciation to all residents who have utilized our pop-up sites, or Sort It centres for recycling and those who have assisted their friends, neighbours, and relatives with recycling.

The event will also cover information on South Gloucestershire council's negotiations with Suez and Unite talks with the union to resolve the issue.

You can ask questions and voice your concerns regarding waste and recycling. '

There are two events (you only need to attend one of them) and they will take place on:

Wednesday 2nd August 2023 at 12:30pm - Join here:


Wednesday 2nd August at 6:30pm - Join here.

Please contact the Community Engagement Team with any questions on 01454 868113 or by email at

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