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South Gloucestershire Council Consultation - Moving Traffic Enforcement Powers

South Gloucestershire Council are asking you to give your opinion on their plans to apply for Moving Traffic Enforcement Powers in three locations:

  • Filton roundabout A38 Gloucester Road North junction with B4056 Southmead Road and A4174 Link Road (ring road)

  • Hambrook roundabout, M32 junction 1

  • Aztec West roundabout, the A38 Gloucester Road junction with Park Avenue and Bradley Stoke Way

They are also asking for your views on plans to also apply these powers of enforcement at Kenmore Drive junction where it joins Kenmore Crescent in Filton which has a part-time no entry restriction, Monday to Friday between the hours of 3:45 and 5:30 pm.

They say: 'The government has announced that local authorities outside of London and Wales can adopt moving traffic enforcement powers under Part 6 of the Traffic Management Act 2004, currently enforced by the Police.

We intend to apply for these powers, as they will allow us to enforce moving traffic offences such as banned turns, waiting in yellow box junctions and breaching some weight restrictions using traffic enforcement cameras. By implementing a fair but robust approach to moving traffic enforcement, we aim to encourage compliance to make our roads safer, reduce congestion and protect public assets and infrastructure.

We are asking you to give your opinion on our plans to apply for these powers.'

Visit for more information and to participate in this consultation.

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