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Pretoria Road Allotment Association – PTC Grant Update

In 2022, Patchway Town Council granted community group ‘Pretoria Road Allotment Association’ with £800 towards local support and events for their group. You will see just how their grant has been used below.

From The Pretoria Road Allotment Association:

Following on from the previous article with pictures on the works being undertaken at the Pretoria Road Allotment society site, We were kindly granted £800.00 from Patchway Town Council.

The grant monies have been used to obtain all materials (Structural Timbers – Plywood – Roof coverings – Fixings - new lights and Paint) in the building of a completely new roof canopy to the front of the building, including extending the roof to in-corporate the un-covered area of the front elevation. The existing roof structure was in a poor and dangerous condition, also leaking at certain points. All labour has been undertaken by members free of charge in spare time.

This will benefit all members and visitors when attending any functions and provide sheltering in adverse weather and keeping the building integrity in a sound state .

We have a full membership at the society and a small waiting list of people looking to join the society. Are web sites allowing local people to look and contact ourselves in an opportunity to look and join the society

We would like to expand the society with future proposals of Polytunnels and extended No dig Allotment beds. With the intention of working with local Primary schools in-conjunction with Biodiversity and understanding growing and where fruit and vegetables come from.

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