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Patchway Town Council Community Grants open for applications from 1 June

Patchway Town Council is pleased to announce the first round of its annual Community Grants Programme opens for applications from 1 June to 30 June 2024.  


Every year Patchway Town Council approve grants that benefit the local community with a wide range of organisation and group receiving essential funding that helps and improves our town.  


Grants of up to £500 can be applied for. Applications above £350 will require enhanced evidence of need. The Council will also be looking for evidence of seeking potential match funding from elsewhere for higher applications.  


In 2023/2024, Patchway Town Council awarded £1950 across six organisations for providing a wide variety of positive, inclusive projects that have made great impact for people right across our community. These included North Bristol Rugby Club, Patchway Cricket Club and Mamas Bristol and you can read more about these stories HERE


All eligible groups and organisations can apply for a grant and grant funding will only be given to groups, organisations and projects which represent the residents of Patchway, and which demonstrate a long -term benefit to the Community.  


Further information, the application form and grant awarding policy can be found at


The first round of applications opens on 1st June, and applications must be received into the inbox by 5pm on Sunday 30th June.  

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