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Patchway Town Council Announce 2023 Grant Funding Scheme!

At the meeting of Patchway Town Council on 21st March 2023, it was agreed to launch our new grant funding scheme for 2023!

The grant funding scheme looks a little different to previous years and we encourage as many local groups as possible to get involved and get their projects up and running!

Patchway Town Council offers grants that benefit the local community. All eligible groups and organisations can apply for a grant. All grant funding will only be given to groups, organisations and projects which represent the residents of Patchway, and which demonstrate a long-term benefit to the Community.

Grant funding opens on 1st April of each year and will run until 1st September. The grant applications will be considered by the Grant’s Working Party who make recommendations to Full Council on which applications should be approved. The timetable for grant applications to be received and considered is below:

Application Received

Application Considered

Application decided

1st April - 30th June

July (Second Week)

July (Third Week)

1st July - 1st September

September (Second Week)

September (Third Week)

Organisations should only apply once for a grant award from Patchway Town Council. Grant applications are awarded for the current financial year only and any applications for the new financial year should be submitted on 1st April, of the year that the work or project is to be carried out in.

There are three awarding funds for grants for 2023/2024:

  • Small grants – Up to the amount of £150

  • Medium grants – Up to the amount of £350

  • Large grants – Up to the amount of £500

Patchway Town Council will only consider applications over £500 if the following criteria is met, that has a negative impact on the residents of Patchway:

- An immediate cut to service or provision in the Patchway area.

- Immediate running costs to ensure the provision is retained.

- An immediate impact the local community.

To apply for a Patchway Town Council grant, please download the form at and follow the instructions outlined in the grant awarding policy.

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