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Patchway hosts spooky scarecrow trio at the movies

A spooky theme took over the Town Council office at Callicroft House this October as a trio of movie themed scarecrows gathered in the lobby to cast fear into anyone entering the Council building for Halloween!

The creepy threesome kept watch over Rodway Road through this season of ghosts and ghouls whilst ensuring the Council staff are protected. Or so they think.

Our trick or treat trio are:

· Stuart the Scarecrow’ from the Lego Movie by 2nd Patchway Scouts

· ‘Shrek’ by FACE Youth Group

· Chewbacca (with a twist) from FACE Youth Group

Mayor of Patchway Cllr Dayley Lawrence said, ‘I am delighted – or am I – about this invasion of scary creativity into the Council office. The imagination and effort by the young people of Patchway to have created this trio of movie scarecrows shows how brilliant our young people are in making Patchway an interesting place to be!’

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