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New Warning Signs on Roundabouts

South Gloucestershire Council are installing new warning signs to raise awareness of the vulnerability of cyclists using roundabouts. They say: ' Data shows that a third of collisions at roundabouts resulted in cyclists being injured - 341 of these have happened in the last 5 years.

Recent changes to the Highway Code states that cyclists may stay in the left-hand lane of a roundabout when they intend to continue across or turn right.

Motorists are reminded to look and double check for all vulnerable road users before entering roundabouts. Also, if it's not safe to overtake a cyclist, hold back until it is.

Cyclists aren't always easy to see at roundabouts and are encouraged to make themselves easier to see. Using lights at night is a legal requirement, but also using them during the day and wearing highly visible clothing can help.

All road users are asked to help keep each other safe.'

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