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Launch of New South Gloucestershire Council Consultations

South Gloucestershire Council have launched the following consultations:

Council Budget 2024/25

South Gloucestershire Council want to know how you'd prioritise funding for the years ahead and have drawn up a draft budget, which they are asking for feedback on.

This consultation and more information can be found at:

Delivering savings within the library service

South Gloucestershire Council's budget for 2023/24 included proposals to reduce spending, including the agreed proposal to reduce the annual budget for library services by £473,000. They have drawn up plans for how these cuts might be delivered and are seeking feedback on them.

This consultation can be found here:

Changes to late night street-lighting

South Gloucestershire Council are proposing dimming the lights during the late-night period to reduce carbon emissions and reduce how much is spent on energy.

This consultation and documents can be found here:

Waste less, recycle more consultation

South Gloucestershire Council have proposed changes to waste collection services over the coming years.

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