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Keep Your Back Lanes Clear

Patchway Town Council is launching a new initiative to support residents in keeping the Back Lanes of Patchway clear of fly-tipping. The Council is producing FREE stickers for residents to attach to back gates or garages to remind potential fly tippers that it is illegal and can lead to a fine or prosecution.

We hope that by providing residents with the opportunity to display a visual reminder to potential fly tippers, this will make those people think twice about how their actions can impact on residents lives and users of the back Lanes. And that it is illegal which can lead to a £50,000 fine or 5 years imprisonment.

The Back Lanes are the responsibility of South Gloucestershire Council and all fly-tipping on the actual lane should be reported at Material left on residents property at the edges of the lanes is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Please just pop into the Council Office at Callicroft House on Rodway Road to collect a FREE sticker if you live in a house that backs onto the Lanes.

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