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Hire Rates for Sports are FROZEN!

Patchway Town Council are delighted to announce that we have managed to freeze our current sporting prices at the 2022/2023 rates for the 2023/2024 sporting season. Also, Patchway Town Council have decided to reduce their grass pitch hire rates for local football teams at Scott Park.

At the meeting of Patchway Town Council held in 21st May 2023, it was agreed by most Councillors present to reduce the pitch fees for football pitch hire to one flat rate for the 2023/2024 season. £100 for adult matches per game and £45 for junior matches per game, of which no VAT will be charged. This means that next season an adult football team will save £33.06 per game and junior teams will save £23.38 per game at Scott Park. Patchway Town Council also agreed to remove the rule to pay in advance due to the VAT criteria for sports pitches being changed!

Hire rates for The Jason Franklin 3G Facility, Twin-Lane Cricket Nets and Cricket Pitch are also set to be frozen at the 2022/2023 rates for the next season.

Patchway Town Council are pleased to be able to deliver these reductions for our local community sports clubs and we look forward to welcoming them to Scott Park this forthcoming season.

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