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Emergency bleed control kit installed at Scott Park

Patchway’s first Emergency Bleed Control Kit has been installed at the Norman Scott Park Pavilion providing a vital, life-saving service where a catastrophic bleed has occurred.

The Bleed Control Kit has been donated by local businessman and resident Ashton Williams of AMW Plumbing and Heating in partnership with Leanne Reynolds of Bristol Knife Bin & Bleed Kit Campaign, the Daniel Baird Foundation and Patchway Town Council.

A person can die from blood loss in as little as three to five minutes. Bleed control kits are used to stop or control blood loss and prevent a person from bleeding out from a catastrophic bleed therefore providing potentially life-saving treatment before the emergency services arrive.

The Bleed Control Kit is registered with South West Ambulance Service and if required for a catastrophic bleed, the public can call 999 to access the code for the cabinet.

Further information can be found HERE.

Pictured: Ashton Williams, Leanne Reynolds, Cllr Angela Morey

21 March 2024

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