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E-Scooter Trial

Since October 2020, residents in the West of England have been able to hire e-scooters as part of a government trial led by the West of England Combined Authority in partnership with Bath & North East Somerset Council, Bristol City Council and South Gloucestershire Council.

In July 2022, the Department for Transport announced that it was extending the trial period until May 2024. The Notice of Intent relating to the extension of this trial is below.

Expanding the e-scooter trial

In light of the success of e-scooters in the region, the West of England Mayoral Combined Authority has negotiated a brand-new contract with a different provider - TIER - that will take over the running of the scooters from late September.

Alongside 4,000 e-scooters, for the first time will also be 1,500 new pedal-only e-bikes and 20 e-cargo bikes. 100 brand-new e-scooter parking racks will help to keep the fleet tidy. Swedish firm Voi, the existing West of England operator, will continue to run the current e-scooter until the autumn when the new TIER service takes over.

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