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Community Pollinator Project at Pretoria Road Allotments springs forward

The Community Pollinator Project at Pretoria Road Allotments funded through a grant of £31,500 from the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) has sprung forward in the past couple of weeks following a frustrating delay due to the extremely wet winter.

The project to extend the allotments to include two polytunnels, new plots, no-dig beds, a new pond, orchard, wildflower area and increased habitats and biodiversity has started to move forward with the groundworks able to progress.

Patchway Town Council are working in partnership with Pretoria Road Allotment Society on this exciting project that will include facilities and capacity for community and educational use to increase awareness of food growing, as well as how to create and nurture diverse wildlife habitats for pollinators.

The Council groundstaff and a working group from the Allotment Society used the recent improved weather to create paths, lay trenches for water piping, prepare the area for the polytunnels and start to create earth banks.

The West of England Mayoral Combined Authority’s Community Pollinator Fund is contributing to tackling the climate and ecological emergencies by providing £1 million to promote and fund community-led projects that enhance biodiversity and pollinator habitats across the region, and empower and engage communities to take action.

7 May 2024

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