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AND Your Mayor is….

At the Annual Meeting of Patchway Town Council, held on Tuesday 21st May 2024, it was agreed by the Councillors present to elect Cllr Dayley Lawrence as the Chairman to the Town Council. The Chairman also performs the Civic role of the Mayor and this will also be undertaken by Cllr Dayley Lawrence. This means that Cllr Dayley Lawrence will serve a third year as Mayor until at least May 2025 as the Mayor and will continue his work within the community with local groups, through the Mayoral Charity Scheme.


For the first time since 2017, Patchway Town Council has a female Vice-Chair of the Town Council with Cllr Angela Morey being elected to fulfil this role. Cllr Morey will also undertake the Civic role of the Deputy Mayor of the Town Council.


Each May, Patchway Town Council elects a Chairman to serve for that ensuing Civic Year. As we are a Town Council, our Chairmen are called 'Mayor' and as such have a Civic role to play within our Town. The Mayor has the role of being the Chairman for all meetings of Patchway Town Council and also holds specific roles under Delegated Authority. Patchway Town Council's Mayor is available to come to your special event, opening of a facility or presentation evening. The Mayor is the Civic Head of Patchway Town Council and is very keen to support local groups and organisations. The Mayoral Charity fund was created in  2021 to support local Patchway groups through community donations. This scheme has raised a number of crucial funds for local groups in Patchway and more information can be found at


On his re-election to the post of Mayor, Cllr Dayley Lawrence added ‘I am extremely delighted that the Town Councillors have chosen me to serve as your Chairman and Mayor for a third consecutive year. This means that we can further all of our hard work we have put into financial stability, community events and providing a dedication to youth work in the Town. I will work tirelessly to ensure the Town Council does not stand still and that the Patchway people can remain proud of our great Town. I would also like to congratulate Cllr Angela Morey on her election to the post of Deputy Mayor and we will look forward to working in a collaborative manner over the next year’.

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