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An update on the land at the rear of Pretoria Road allotments

Patchway Town Council would like to reassure residents that we remain committed to improving the land between the rear of Pretoria Road allotments and Newnham Place.

As residents will know, these areas have become a hotspot for the illegal tipping of waste as well as numerous fires. This land is owned by South Gloucestershire Council and the Town Council are working with them to ensure a proper plan is put into place.

Patchway Town Council’s outdoor staff have been able to cut back most of the overgrowth to see what is underneath it. We have removed several truck loads from the site however some the waste is only able to be picked up by a ‘grab lorry’.

South Gloucestershire Council are at present, discussing a plan for the security of the site. They have made it clear that any works done need to be permanent and will only action the clear up of waste once this plan has been signed off.

The Town Council will continue to monitor this area and we will do our utmost to ensure residents don’t have this unsightly view in the future.

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