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South Gloucestershire Council - Launch of new engagement: Booking system for Sort It recycling centres

South Gloucestershire Council have launched an engagement exercise to capture feedback about a new booking system to be introduced for Sort It recycling centres in South Gloucestershire.


They say: 'In December 2023 the Government introduced new legislation which limits how much DIY waste (such as rubble, tiles, soil, plasterboard and concrete) householders can bring to recycling centres at no charge. This means we must introduce processes to record the DIY waste being disposed of at our sites and have a system in place to limit the number of visits made by residents disposing of this waste. The best way to do this in our Sort It Centres in South Gloucestershire whilst minimising disruption and delays to people using the sites is to introduce a booking system.

Through this engagement survey, we want to explain how such a scheme could work and give you an opportunity to provide feedback.'

You can view the proposals and complete the survey by visiting: The survey closes on 1st April 2024.

A paper copy of the survey can be found below which should be returned to: South Gloucestershire Council, Insight and Engagement Team, Sort It recycling centre booking system, PO Box 1953, Bristol, BS37 0DE

Sort It Centre booking system - Questionnaire
Download PDF • 96KB

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