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South Gloucestershire Council - Consultation launched: Developing recycling and reuse facilities

South Gloucestershire Council are seeking resident's input about their current use of Sort It Centres to help with planning a new waste and recycling facility in the Filton area in 2024.

They say: 'We are planning a new waste and recycling facility to be built in the North Fringe area (Filton). You have told us you want and need a new facility in this area and we believe it could deliver further benefits for you:

  • Increase overall waste collection capacity,

  • Encourage more recycling,

  • Improve the efficiency of the waste and recycling collection service.

Through this survey, we want to find out what facilities you currently use to help us assess likely demand going forward. Additionally, as part of our strategy to achieve zero waste to landfill and net zero carbon emissions, we are keen to explore with you potential interest in wider schemes aimed at recycling and reusing unwanted items.'

The consultation can be found on South Gloucestershire Council's website at:

South Gloucestershire Council's Resource and Waste Strategy can be found here.

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