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Residents take part in Community Listening Event at The Tumps!

On Tuesday 27th September, 15 residents along with Town Councillors and the Town Clerk to Patchway Town Council gathered at The Tumps.

This open forum was the first of a series of community listening events ran by Patchway Town Council to help with the promotion and implementation of Patchway Town Council’s Local Nature Action Plan.

In short, The Council’s Local Nature Action Plan is a plan for how to ensure wildlife thrives within the whole of Patchway. The plan is initially based over five years and is heavily focused on empowering our residents to benefit wildlife and open spaces in Patchway.

The evening started with an open forum discussion about Patchway’s green spaces and what can be done to benefit nature. Some key points to come out of this were the introduction of education trails throughout Patchway’s wooded areas, creating natural areas of our children to play in, creating a memorial area for residents to plan their own trees and many more great points were also mentioned.

The group then set off around The Tumps with bat detectors to try and hear some bats. This was only possible thanks to Patchway Conservation Group and their help and expertise on wildlife in Patchway was greatly received by all who attended.

Moving forwards from this event, the Town Council will ensure that consistent communication with residents is put to the forefront to ensure all residents know how they can help and be the change for Patchway. The Town Council will also be running more of these workshops and hope to build the small group of residents into an action group for our Town. Together we can truly make a difference and make all of these ideas happen!

If you want to be involved in any way of shaping the way in which we handle our open spaces, please email

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