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Patchway delivered a very HOPPY Easter across the town

Easter bonnets off to Patchway for a truly HOPPY Easter across the town when so much happened due to the generosity of local residents, businesses and organisations. And the fabulous interest from people across the Town.

With the help of so many across the town, the Easter Egg Drive 2023 delivered a chocolate Egg for every one of the 603 pupils at Coniston Primary School and Callicroft Primary Academy, plus 70 chocolate treats for Patchway Centre Pre-School and Tots, and 25 Eggs for children through the Community Hub.

Many residents – both young and a little bit older – set foot across Patchway seeking out the clues for the ‘Easter Bunny Trail 2023’ to find out the name of Patchway’s Bunny-In-Waiting with Thomas Grimshaw winning as the first correct name of ‘Patch’ being drawn. Thomas won a Bumper Easter Chocolate Bonanza, and our Runners Up also received well-deserved chocolate delights.

The Community Hub and Town Council ‘Easter Bonnet Competition 2023’ saw some wonderfully creative and striking Bonnets entered from our younger residents which gave the judges tricky decisions to make. Poppy and Ocean Jackson edged it to win a Family Pass to the Wild Place and our Runners Up also received a scrumptious chocolate selection.

The friendly Community Hub team packed in the Casson Centre for four days of Easter arts & crafts from stencils, paint dabbers, craft wreaths, colour in gliders, pop-out cards and lots more for the excited children (and adults!) to get creative in the build up to the Easter weekend.

Patchway did it again. A wonderful, HOPPY Easter delivered across the town due to the kindness of people, businesses and organisations who care. And residents who just love to get involved with what is taking place in the community.

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