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Patchway continues to progress the Local Nature Action Plan

Patchway Town Council’s Local Nature Action Plan (LNAP) continues to progress through its five year plan. The plan has increased hedgehog habitats through installation of hedgehog houses, creating wood piles, and encouraging residents to welcome hedgehogs.  

Tree planting has continued and in March 2024, 300 tree and hedgerow saplings were provided free from the Woodland Trust. These were planted with Callicroft Primary School, Blakeney Road Allotments and at green spaces across the town including Scott Park.  

Boxes for nesting birds have been installed across the town, and grassland management is being changed with the new LiveLab project with South Gloucestershire Council to reduce grass cutting and remove cuttings to be used as biochar for other sustainable uses.  

At Pretoria Road Allotments, the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) Pollinator Project is driving an exciting new initiative to increase pollinator habitats.  

You can read more about the Local Nature Action Plan here.  

15th April 2024 

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