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Keeping our community safe.

Patchway Town Council would like to remind residents that we have monitored CCTV cameras across the Town.

These cameras have been installed and paid for by Patchway Town Council to ensure safety to residents, business owners and to ensure any criminal activity is deterred.

The Town Council take pride in making Patchway a good place to live and the CCTV cameras are there for the safety of all of our residents.

In 2022, Patchway Town Council assisted Avon and Somerset Police with 11 lines of enquiry around the footage at Rodway Road and at Scott Park. The footage was also used to deter youths from causing anti-social behaviour at Scott Park.

The Town Council intend to keep maintaining their CCTV systems across the Town for years to come, setting aside money each financial year for the routine maintenance on these cameras.

If you have any questions or queries relating to our CCTV cameras, please email

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