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Get Your Town News Personally Delivered

Patchway Town Council is delighted to be able to offer a personal delivery of the monthly Town News for people who would find a paper copy more accessible, and who may not have internet access.

The Council wants to ensure that anyone in the town can access the Town News with its monthly feast of news stories, community initiatives, events, information from local organisations, and opportunities across the town and area.

The Town News will continue to be made available as a hard copy from the Town Council office at Callicroft House, Rodway Road. Anyone can pop in and collect one from our friendly team. We will also continue to distribute through the library and partner organisations.

If you would like to have a copy personally delivered, please either email stating your name, full address including postcode, and a contact number. Or simply call the Town Council office team on 07903 628422 to give us this information.

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