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Food Waste Action Week

Food Waste Action Week is 18-24 March. This national campaign from Love Food Hate Waste focuses on helping people to make the most of the food they buy and reduce food waste.

The benefits of this include helping to cut household bills and save money, and helping the environment.

Preventing food that could have been eaten ending up as waste can make a direct saving for people in South Gloucestershire, saving the cost of around 8 meals a week for the average household, just by taking small actions like planning meals, taking note of use by dates, following storage instructions, and using up leftovers.

Reducing the amount of edible food we throw away cuts carbon emissions, saves resources and energy, and improves food security.

This year, the theme of Food Waste Action Week is to ‘choose what you use’ by buying fruit and veg without packaging where possible, giving more control over quantity, quality and size.

For more information, visit: lovefoodhatewaste/fwaw

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